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The research of private equity and venture capital fund activities in Central and Eastern Europe has started

In the framework of preparations for the Conference “II Central and Eastern European Investment Conference”, CFA Association (Russia) and “The Center for Applied Financial Researches” at the Faculty of Economics of the Moscow State University began to study the activities of private equity funds and venture capital funds over the past three years in Central and Eastern Europe. The study will be completed in April, and the main findings and results will be announced at the Conference.


A quick glance showed that the countries of Central and Eastern Europe – the countries that joined the European Union before, invest in the start-up stages by half times more often than the countries that joined later or are not members of the European Union , – said Sergey Studnikov, Head of the Centre for Applied Financial Studies.


According to Vladimir Tutkevich, director of the CFA Association (Russia), the amount of available comparative analytics on direct investment markets in Central and Eastern Europe fails to meet the interest of investors in these markets. The 2nd International Conference on CEE region can reverse this trend and strengthen the work of analysts in this direction.