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The 2nd International Conference on Investment in Central and Eastern Europe took place on 22 April, 2013 at the RIA “Novosti” press center. This was a unique forum that brought together representatives of the investment community, the real economy, as well as regulatory authorities from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria to study the investment potential of the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Conference was organized by the CFA Institute and the CFA Associations of the countries in the CEE region – they are among the most influential communities of professional investors in 60 countries worlwide. This ensured independence of the Conference agenda from the interests of particular market participants, and maintained the balance of interests of conference participants in the program, to represent both those of investment companies and of the non-financial sector of the economy.

The Conference program was compiled under the auspices of the Organizing Committee, which comprises representatives of the leading market participants and relevant organizations, including the Committee on Financial Markets of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Bank Uralsib, the Moscow Stock Exchange, Saxo Bank, Binbank, Renova Group, Agency RusRating, Severgazbank, Regional Banks Association, NP “Russian Institute of Directors”.


Features and Benefits of participation in the Conference

The practical scenery of the business program:

  • Trends of investment development in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Identification of prospective investment strategies in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Notion of the strategies of behavior in the debt
    markets of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The Conference will examine the possibility of
    debt, equity financing in the region, features and prospects of the direct
    investments of all sizes – from venture investments to mergers and acquisitions
    of larger enterprises.

Meaningful discussions about current topics:

  • The region of Central and Eastern Europe is chosen as a key region, the prospects of which will be discussed at the Conference. This region shows a positive financial results and flow of investments in an unfavorable global economic environment.
  • Debates on the restoration of the “gold standard” in the global monetary system.
  • Identification of mechanisms for entering and working in the stock markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Leaders and leading experts of the financial markets:

  • The participation in the Conference was already confirmed by Alan Meyder (Chairman of the Board of Directors of CFA Institute), Ekaterina Trofimova (Vice President, Gazprombank), Igor Kuzin (Chairman of the Board, MDM Bank), Steven Hellman (Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking in Russia, CreditSuisse ), Anatoly Aksakov (President of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia), Denis Bugrov (Member of the Board, Senior Vice President, Sberbank).
  • Directors of stock exchanges in the CEE region: Adam Machizhevsky (General Director, the Warsaw Stock Exchange), Peter Koblik (CEO, Prague Stock Exchange), Evgeny Fetisov (CFO, Moscow stock exchange MICEX) – will talk about the features of the securities market, preparing for IPO , the process of restructuring of companies in the respective regions.

Convenient formats of communication:

  • The conference will bring together in one place sell-side and buy-side companies. Designed specifically for the participants of the event the option of personal organizing one to one meetings with the provision of a meeting room will open up opportunities for investors seeking projects for companies of the sell-side sector and to look for ideas for investment for companies of the buy-side sector.
  • The Conference in Canada will provide an opportunity to establish long-term business contacts and expand professional moving services in a relaxed atmosphere according to miracle movers.

Presentation of successful case studies and practical advice from experts:

  • Presentations of case studies of successful investing in inter-regional and local levels.
  • Meeting with potential venture investors, who will share knowledge on how to “pack” the project successfully.
  • Leading experts will share the experience of creating and promoting financial products and investment projects that will give practical advice to improve your business efficiency and outputting it to a level that will respond to the most pressing issues, including how to find cheap capital, where to locate manufacture, which industries are promising for investments.

Announcement of the results of studies of leading research centers:

  • In the framework of the Conference the results of studies conducted by the intellectual partners of the Conference will be presented- the Economic Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University and Plekhanov Russian Economic University. Investigations are related to the activities of private equity funds and venture capital funds for the last 3 years in Central and Eastern Europe, the analysis of the CEE region in the global economic map, and economic trends occurring in the region.