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Key event of the year for financial market participants in the CEE region

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On April 22, 2013, CFA Association Russia, with the support of MSCI inc. and URALSIB Bank, hosted the 2nd Annual CEE Investment Conference. Investors from over 20 countries analyzed the CEE region in the wider context of Emerging Markets.


In one day, we covered:


— What reasons you may have as an investor to consider investing in the CEE region, compared to Asia, Latin America and other Emerging Markets?
— Learn cases of international investors’ success stories and failures in various Emerging Markets
— Find out how to rank CEE countries based on quality of investment opportunities
— Learn criteria that other investors have used to select investment opportunities in the Emerging Markets


In seven topical sections, market leaders from several countries covered most items crucial for Emerging Markets investors, from Fixed Income and Stock Markets to PE / VC investing and Legal Risks (see latest details of the program at following PDF link):


Section I. Investment Climate And Macroeconomic Conditions In The CEE Region

— CEE region comparison with other Emerging Markets and groups of countries
— Comparative analysis of CEE countries
— Future of investment and capital flows within the region and with other Emerging Markets
— Overcoming economic disparities between the CEE countries


Section II. Fixed Income Markets: Diversification Opportunities For International Investors

— The reasons for disparities in liquidity between CEE countries’ fixed income markets
— Bonds issues practices and characteristics in the CEE region
— Cross-border trading in bonds within and outside the region
— Integration prospects of fixed income markets of the CEE region

Section III. Stock Markets In Central And Eastern Europe: Increasing Liquidity And Markets Integration

— Analysis of differences between CEE countries’ stock markets and major exchanges
— Global diversification of equity portfolios from the perspective of investors in the CEE region
— Equity market trends in the CEE region (raising capital through IPO/SPO, OTC markets liquidity, structure of demand from international investors)
— The prospects of new trading platforms and integration of existing ones


Section IV. Equity Investments: Attractiveness Of The CEE Region And Its Constituent Countries

— Analysis of international investor groups and major strategies
— Showcases of successful Private Equity deals in the region
— Competitive advantages of the region from the viewpoint of quality and market valuation of available assets
— Characteristics of intra-regional investments and capital flows


Section V. Private Equity And Venture Capital Investing – CEE Regional Specifics

— Venture capital markets comparisons within the CEE region
— Showcases of the most successful recent VC deals in the region
— Difficulties and challenges faced by venture capitalists and business angels in the region
— Market infrastructure specifics for VC investments in the region


Section VI. Perspectives And Dynamics Of Non-It Venture Investment Markets

— Overview of sectors beyond the IT industry, and their attractiveness to venture capitalists
— Governments roles in promoting regional VC markets and innovations
— Showcases of major recent VC transactions in non-IT industries in CEE
— Major challenges faced by entrepreneurs and investors in these markets

Section VII. Legal Risks Relating To Investments In Central And Eastern Europe

— Legal framework in CEE countries (clarity of law, court interpretations, strength of precedents)
— Issues with exercising control over companies being purchased, structuring of transactions
— Protection of rights to minority shareholders and international investors
— Efficiency of regional investment promotion programs by local governments
— Independence and integrity of courts in CEE countries


Conference Presentation in English: http://goo.gl/MYO1n
Conference Presentation in Russian: http://goo.gl/vuKY2

Conference Program in English: http://goo.gl/FusFt
Conference Program in Russian: http://goo.gl/Fle5m

Official Website: http://moscow2013.ceeconference.com

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